A Fiendling’s frustration…

A Fiendling’s frustration…

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  1. zymurgea says:

    I went back and edited the text on the previous page – hope it shows up as I changed it that Nadia goes to the library, so we have an opportunity to see how Baetor and Tasha fared prior to Jennifer’s retrieval. Enjoy.

  2. Shodan says:

    Awesome. Great to see updates again!

  3. gargamuza says:

    Great return of a great series!
    And a (small) hope of escape. WIll Baetor make it?

  4. Will says:

    It’s good to see that things are picking up again, this is a rather enjoyable series and I’m glad to see it hasn’t ended.

  5. Amaniwolf says:

    Glad to see this moving forward and cool to see Baetor will not go down so quietly.